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Fort Lewis case of the soldier accused of causing the death of his 16 year old girlfriend with a drug overdose.

A 20-year-old Fort Lewis soldier has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the overdose death of his 16-year-old girlfriend in his barracks.

A military judge ruled Friday that Pvt. Timothy Bennitt was guilty of “aiding and abetting” Leah King’s wrongful use of the painkiller oxymorphone and anxiety pill Xanax.

Army Times reports.

After the verdict, Pvt. Timothy Bennitt, 20, was sentenced to almost six years in military confinement, a reduction in rank, forfeiture of pay and allowances, and a dishonorable discharge from the military.

The News Tribune reports.

Spice and other alternative “smokes.”  As this article indicates, the military continues to prosecute service-members for smoking legal substances that cause reactions and effects similar to illegal drugs (and alcohol).  However, alcohol, the Number One drug of abuse and a well documented killer and injurer of people and damager of property, continues to be legal (for sale on military installations, storage on military installations, use on military installations, and use by those over 21).  Evidence of the death anddamage is often seen at the main gate to a military installation – the wrecked car or the “ _X_ DUI’s this month” board.

When Pfc. Matthew Clark was placed on restriction last month, he thought he’d been busted for smoking in the barracks.

Now he faces court-martial and administrative separation from the Marine Corps after being accused of smoking a legal substance many of his friends had never even heard about.

Clark and a friend, Pfc. Dijon Lawless, both students at Camp Johnson’s Marine Corps Combat Service Support School, learned from another Marine private about “spice,” a legal blend of herbs that produces cannabinoid effects including increased relaxation, loss of coordination and mild hallucinations when smoked.

ENC Today reports.  Spice is a street name for Salvia.  There are other similar herbs out there being used.

imageNo news on the Soldier-mom charged with AWOL and missing movement.  NewsNational, Army files charges against Spc. Alexis Hutchinson – single-mom who.  New York Daily News – Joe Ellingham – ‎Jan 14, 2010‎.

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