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The Guardian, at guardian.co.uk reports that:

An Afghan prosecutor has issued an arrest warrant for an American special forces commander over allegations that a police chief was murdered by a US-trained militia.

He accused American officials of refusing to hand over evidence or to permit his investigators to interview the special forces commander, known to Afghans only as "John or Johnny", who he alleges sanctioned the raid.

The arrest warrant, which has been circulated to border posts and airports, is an embarrassment for the US military, which is facing growing criticism for links to militias controlled by warlords. In Kandahar, the militias have been accused of murder, rape and extortion.

The Post and Courier reports that:

Retired Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Don Matyszyk was looking forward to August when his son was going to return home from Germany.

Instead, Matyszyk is on his way to Ramstein Air Base this week for the court martial of the man authorities say is responsible for his son’s death.

Chris Matyszyk, 36, died Jan. 12, nearly two weeks after suffering a fatal punch to the face outside a pub in the German town of Landstuhl, near Ramstein. He never awoke from a medically induced coma that was supposed to control the swelling around his brain.

I posted some time ago about the Italian charges against a military officer’s involvement in renditions – here and here.

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