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WOKV.com reports:

The NASA astronaut who made international headlines after attacking a romantic rival with pepper spray at the Orlando International Airport in 2007 spent Thursday in a military courtroom at Naval Air Station Jacksonville.

The government is asking a Navy review board to recommend discharging Captain Lisa Nowak and reduce her rank and pay grade.

AP reports that:

Federal safety investigators revealed Wednesday that crew members aboard two Coast Guard boats involved in collisions in California and South Carolina last year were using wireless devices for conversation or text messaging unrelated to vessel operations. The collisions killed one person and injured 10.

Fayetteville Observer have a short piece on Hennis:

Lawyers handling Timothy Hennis’ federal appeal will have additional time to file documents on whether the Army had jurisdiction to convict him of three murders.

From time to time a client or the family members want to know how the military can prosecute someone for civilian charges.  It happens.

Military.com reports:

Once the civilian justice system is done with three North Georgia Soldiers accused of throwing military explosives at a crowd, they may still have to answer to the military.

And here’s a little more detail from the Dahlonega Nugget:

Three local men enlisted in the U.S. Army at Camp Frank D. Merrill in Dahlonega are facing a slew of felony charges, including domestic terrorism, after allegedly tossing explosive devices into a crowd of people over the weekend. No one was injured in the random attack, which occurred in the Ingles parking lot near the busy intersection of highways 400 and 53 in Dawsonville.

Military.com also reports:

Usually, the military sends press releases to the hometown newspapers of a new enlistee. But in an unusual step, the Air Force is preparing to issue a press release aimed at the national media announcing that someone has actually not joined up.

The move was prompted by an Aug. 3 report in the New York Daily News that Melissa Weber of Long Island, a former teacher convicted last year of having sex with a 14-year-old student, had joined the Air Force to be trained as a nurse.

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