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Army authorities are now claiming that Galesburg soldier Spc. Billy Miller had [AP] on his computer as well as alleged [CP] .  Miller’s tour in Afghanistan has been involuntarily extended by the army while it investigates charges of possession of [CP] and failing to obey a general order. . . . But now military officials say the failing to obey a general order charge relates to pornography involving adults found on the Illinois National Guard soldier’s computer. Soldiers are not allowed to possess pornography in Afghanistan[.]

Galesburg.com reports.

A child pornography charge and a related count filed against an Illinois Army National Guard soldier in Afghanistan do not stem from family photos of a young relative, a U.S. Army spokesman told The Associated Press on Tuesday. . . . "In this case however, it was important to set the record straight with regards to the photos of the (relative) being portrayed as evidence leading to [CP] charges in this case. They are not," Clementson wrote.

Washington Post reports.

Court martial proceedings are beginning Tuesday at Fort Lewis for a soldier blamed for the drug overdose death of a 16-year-old girl in barracks at the Army base.

Seattle Times reports.

The court martial of Pvt. Timothy E. Bennitt began this morning with a twist, as the Fort Lewis soldier pleaded guilty to drug charges but not guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the death of a Lakewood teenager. . . . After some disagreement from prosecutors over the language of Bennitt’s plea, the court recessed to allow defense attorneys to refine and formalize their client’s plea.

The News Tribune reports.