UP: Coastie O-5 in serious trouble

Navy Times reports:

A senior Coast Guard official was charged Tuesday with multiple offenses, including sodomy, indecent acts and conduct unbecoming of an officer and gentleman.

Newsminer.com reports:

He is accused of sexual improprieties involving multiple women – some identified as enlisted Coast Guard personnel – in numerous locations around Alaska and the Lower 48.
The alleged offenses also include fraud, adultery, indecent language and soliciting another to commit an offense. The allegations cover a period between November 2004 and shortly before Hamilton was relieved of his duties as the Coast Guard’s commander for the Anchorage sector in May.


Alaska 2KTUU.com reports:

Hamilton was charged with six specifications of failure to obey a lawful general order; two specifications of false official statements; two specifications of indecent acts; three specifications of sodomy; one specification of fraud against the United States; eight specifications of conduct unbecoming an officer and gentleman; two specifications of fraternization; three specifications of adultery; one specification of indecent language; and three specifications of soliciting another to commit an offense[.]

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