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Do you get .pdf documents?  Do you want to use the text from the .pdf document in other documents?  Do you want to edit the .pdf document?

I use PureText to copy parts of text for cut-and-pasting of small parts of a .pdf document.  PureText is free.  You highlight what text you want to copy and paste, click PT, and it removes all of the formatting and meta-clutter so it is easier to paste and edit into a document.   Or you can take a “shot” of a part of the document and insert it as a picture.

Here is a free way to convert the whole .pdf document to a Word or .rtf file which can then be manipulated.  (I stopped using Adobe a long time ago, it’s very expensive even for updates, Nitro is a cost-effective alternate to Adobe so you may also want to look into Nitro.)

PDF to Word – it’s free (currently).


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  1. GreenOnions says:

    Another option is to scan documents in .TIF format. Microsoft Office Document Imaging (comes with MS Word/Office) enables you to copy text from the scanned document and plug it into word. For clean scans, it’s very accurate.

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