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I previously posted about an Army decision to rescind GOMR’s for several officers involved in the Wanat event.  [Military to open new investigation into battle that killed nine soldiers, and here.]  Here are links to a two parter by Tom Ricks on Wanat in Foreign Policy:

The families respond I

Several relatives of soldiers killed at the battle of Wanat on July 13, 2008, have contacted me to express their unhappiness about the Army’s recent decision to rescind letters of reprimand to officer who oversaw that fight.

Army Times reports that:

Three officers given letters of reprimand for the deadly July 13, 2008, battle in Wanat, Afghanistan, have been exonerated and the letters withdrawn, the Army announced June 23.

Gen. Charles Campbell, who recently relinquished command of Forces Command and is preparing to retire, “withdrew, cancelled and annulled” the adverse administrative actions after reviewing findings from a Central Command-directed investigation and hearing from the three officers themselves.

The Army has charged an Illinois National Guardsman in Afghanistan with possession of child and adult pornography, and his family has come to his defense, arguing that he was the target of a personal vendetta.

Army Times reports.  This is an ongoing case that started because the kids mother sent him a photograph of a child.  In the photograph you can apparently see her crack.


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