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The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has a book review of Richard North Patterson’s new book which is about a court-martial.  Yes, it’s about a Army officer who returns from Iraq, kills his former commander, and

As the case unfolds, Mr. Patterson gives the reader a tutorial in military justice as well as the complexities of PTSD. He also makes clear his stand against the war through testimonies from personnel involved with McCarran in Iraq.

The tension rises throughout the court-martial: Will the judge allow PTSD as a defense? Will the jury believe how the war changed not just McCarran, but the man he killed?

NMCCA denied Quintanilla’s petition 

in which he sought to have the court overturn the ruling of the military judge at his sentencing rehearing to the effect that Life Without Parole (LWOP) is not an authorized
sentence in his case. Alternatively, the petitioner requested that this court direct the military judge to grant the petitioner’s motion allowing him to waive his right to clemency and parole following sentence, so that he can more easily reach a pretrial agreement with the convening authority.

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