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Among others, the Virgin Islands Daily News reports that:

U.S. Army officials have charged a staff sergeant in the U.S. Army Reserves, a St. Croix native, with the premeditated murder of his supervisor, who was shot multiple times last week at Fort Gillem in Georgia, where the two men were stationed. . . .

A pretrial confinement hearing held Friday determined Valmont will remain in pretrial confinement.

Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that:

Military officials have charged Staff Sgt. Rashad Valmont with murder in the fatal shooting of Master Sgt. Pedro Mercado at Fort Gillem, U.S. Army spokeswoman Maj. Lenora Hutchinson told the AJC on Tuesday.

The report then goes on to say that:

Army Times reports that:

The military has released the name of the man allegedly shot to death by a fellow reservist at Fort Gillem.

An earlier release said that the name of the suspect would not be released until there were charges.

I first posted on this here.  More information about the case is seeping out.  Some of this may be circular reporting.

Fox5News (Las Vegas) reports:

The Army isn’t saying what motivated the killings of three Afghan civilians, whose deaths have led to charges against a Nevada soldier and four others from Washington state’s Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

MySA news reports that:

Defense attorneys for Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, a Fort Hood psychiatrist charged with killing 13 people and wounding 32 others in a mass shooting here last fall, won a four-month delay Tuesday in an evidentiary hearing that could lead to his court-martial.

Sitting in the same courtroom where he oversaw proceedings for two infamous Abu Ghraib defendants, Col. James Pohl ruled in favor of the defense, which said it had not received all the documents it needed – including a ballistic trajectory report now being done by the FBI in Quantico, Va.

A Hohenfels-based soldier was sentenced to 8½ years in prison Thursday in a knife attack on a German family last summer.

Racine, assigned to the 1st Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment, was originally charged with one count of attempted premeditated murder, along with several lesser charges, according to the official Army charge sheet. But after the three-day trial before a military judge, Racine was convicted of aggravated assault with the intent to inflict grievous bodily harm.

But the defense argued that Racine thought he was in a war zone, and that he attacked the German family as he sought shelter in their apartment.

You’ll have seen various reports about the pending prosecution of CPT Bjork for allegedly ordering some Iraqi officers to shoot two Iraqi civilians (I have few here, and here).  There is a report in The US Report.

[T]he accusers are 3 former Iraqi police and a former Iraqi intel officer who are currently detainees in Iraq.

Reports have also surfaced that the detainees were allowed to speak with each other about their claims.

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