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I’ve posted before about CP sentencing in federal courts.  Here is a piece with links at Sentencing Law & Policy which further discusses CP related sentencing in federal courts and the U. S. Sentencing Guidelines Commission. 

As the sentencing guidelines for child pornography crimes have grown increasingly harsh, a strong trend has developed among federal judges to reject the proposed prison terms as draconian. Now two influential federal appellate courts — the 2nd and 3rd Circuits — have joined the trend and declared that the child pornography guidelines are seriously flawed, or at least that a trial judge wouldn’t be wrong for thinking so.

Here is a related link from SL&P.  While not precisely on point I read United States v. Nerad in the context of some push back on what’s to be punished and how severely.

CAAF has issued an opinion in United States v. Nerad.  RYAN, J., delivered the opinion of the Court, in which EFFRON, C.J., and ERDMANN, J., joined. BAKER, J., filed a separate opinion concurring in the result. STUCKY, J., filed a separate dissenting opinion.

Nerad gets a remand to AFCCA for the court to clarify it’s ruling.

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