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This is the 9th day that APF (safeguardourconstitution), LTC Lakin’s support site, has failed to post the military judge’s findings and conclusions, and advertises as “Breaking News,”  “Judge to Rules (sic) . . ..”

The Greeley Gazette, hometown newspaper for LTC Lakin has the piece, “Retired JAG Officer Says Judge’s Ruling Against Discovery for Lakin Could Derail Case Based on Legal Precedent.”   I posted earlier two quick disagreements with the piece, or what was said in the piece.

First this item:

An Air Force colonel will be forced to retire as a first lieutenant, an Air Force review determined.

Col. Michael D. Murphy, convicted in April 2009 by a general court-martial for failing to tell the Air Force he was disbarred as an attorney in 1984, will be retired from the Air Force effective April 1 as a first lieutenant, Air Force spokesman Lt. Col. Barbara Carson said Monday.

By operation of 10 U.S. Code Sec. 1407, his monthly retirement check will be based on the amount of his last check.  That last check will be based on his being an O-2 with 20 plus years of service.  $4377.30 is the current rate for over 20 years, still nothing to sniff at under the circumstances.

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