Ramrod Five/Stryker Brigade sitrep

Lexington Herald-Leader reports:

Staff Sgt. Calvin Gibbs’ big talk about killing Afghan civilians and getting away with it made him stand out when he joined a new platoon at an Army base in southern Afghanistan a year ago, according to written statements from his comrades.

Some of his Stryker platoon mates from Joint Base Lewis-McChord near Tacoma, Wash., told investigators they didn’t know what to make of him. They thought he must be kidding.

Now Gibbs is at the center of an Army war crimes investigation that netted 11 of his comrades from the 5th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division. They await their own trials for misdeeds they allegedly committed under Gibbs’ direction. Five soldiers, including Gibbs, are charged with murder.

Here’s a look at the charges Gibbs faces, and how his platoon mates described the incidents behind them.

The information comes from sworn statements obtained by The News Tribune, as well as Army charge sheets, documents written by defense attorneys and testimony in court.

Huuuuuuuum, that seems strikingly similar to The Olympian.

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