Major Hasan update: 150110

Reporting from Washington – Between five and eight Army officers are expected to face discipline for failing to take action against the accused Ft. Hood shooter, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, over a series of behavioral and professional problems in the years leading up to the November rampage.

Reports the LA Times.  No word on the status of the R.C.M. 706 proceedings, when an Article 32, UCMJ, hearing might be scheduled, or a court-martial held in the Fort Hood slayings.

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One response to “Major Hasan update: 150110”

  1. dau tieng 59 says:

    Yeah these guys will be in Levenworth before Hasan goes to trial. One of Hasan’s emails said he couldn’t wait to meet in the afterlife. Ass an enemy combatant in a US miitary uniform the should have executed him while he was on the floor at Ft. Hood. The Geneva Convention allows for the summary execution of no uniformed combatants and spys get the same treatment.
    He’s planning on claiming Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because he was traumatized by having to listen to the stories of returning troops. What a puke.

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