MAJ Hasan sitrep

I posted the other day about the defense refusal to cooperate in a scheduled R.C.M. 706 board.

Mr. Galligan’s website now points to this CNN piece.  The title of his posting is, “Army Attempts Last Minute Changes to Sanity Board.”  The CNN piece makes several observations.

  1. The defense objects to the timing.
  2. The defense alleges this is an attempt to distract the defense from preparations.
  3. The effort to do a review is generated, “after the defense said in court last month that it may introduce mental capacity evidence for consideration in the case — after previously saying it would not raise the issue of mental capacity or competency.”  Mr. Galligan denies the statements.

He said he also objects to the military mental health professionals who make up the “sanity board” and would be charged with evaluating Hasan. The attorney said the current members of the board may not be objective, noting that one was on the faculty of the medical school while Hasan was a student there.

You will recollect a lot of consternation about what training Hasan received and a number of mental health professionals at Walter Reed Army Medical Center have been dragged over the coals.  So I suspect some concern on the part of Mr. Galligan may be justified.

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