MAJ Hasan sitrep

Army Times reports:

A military officer has ordered a mental evaluation for the suspect in the November Fort Hood shootings before a key hearing next week.

Earlier this year, Army officials appointed a three-member board of military mental health professionals to determine whether Maj. Nidal Hasan is competent to stand trial and his mental status the day of the Nov. 5 shooting.

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5 responses to “MAJ Hasan sitrep”

  1. thinkwell says:

    This man was nowhere near the unaware insanity point. His evil deed was fully premeditated. He should be put to death as soon as possible. The families of his victims and other scum potentially of his ilk need to see that justice is swiftly served. This is a black and white, open and shut case. Put the murderous beast down NOW.

  2. Trevor says:


    The usual routine is

    Discovery and motions
    Finding and conclusion
    (Appeals rinse and repeat)

    Skipping straight to the death sentence without due process is usually frowned upon.

  3. thinkwell says:

    Of course the rule of law should be followed, but the process should be expedited to the maximum possible speed as there is no question that Hasan intentionally killed scores of innocent people and did so with full awareness that it was a capital offense. There is NO good reason for even the slightest foot dragging in this case. That he is still living is an ongoing travesty of justice as there has been enough time to have served the rule of law several times over.

    If I were being radical about this, I would demand that his sentence be carried out by a full body replacement transfusion with pig’s blood and that his carcass be denied burial and be committed to medical science to be slowly cut up over years for teaching purposes, but I am not radical, so I only wish that the maximum haste be applied while following the rule of law.

  4. SueDB says:


    Why are you whining like a stuck biatch screaming about the “rule of law” when all you want is to throw the law out the window in lieu of vigilantism? Do you usually lie out of both faces or what?

    Birfers, one of these days the good lord will leave one in the oven and finish cooking the half baked carcass.

  5. SueDB says:

    Seems to most of us that Lakin use use a good couple of hours with a psychiatric evaluation board as well as Hasan.

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