LTC Lakin’s contumacy

safeguardourconstitution reports that:  “Obama Administration unleashes Army lawyers instead of releasing birth certificate.”  This is shameful hyperbole and utterly incorrect.

LTC Lakin is alleged to have committed offenses in violation of the UCMJ.  The conduct alleged cuts to the very heart of military requirements of obedience to orders, fidelity to the oath of office, and the need for seniors to set the example.  I’m reliably informed that in addition to formal counselings every effort was made pre-preferral to convince LTC Lakin to obey his orders.  In the face of such contumacious behavior the Army had no choice but to prefer charges.  Enlisted personnel are regularly disciplined, court-martialed, and jailed for the same or similar conduct and who have better reasons for their AWOL.  Such a stunning lack of officership cannot pass unnoticed or undisciplined.  Neither President Obama nor his administration has any role in this case at all.  Should the administration try to get involved they should be told – politely – to butt out.

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