LTC Lakin sitrep 8

WorldNetDaily reports:

Disagreement arose todday among supporters of Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, the Army doctor facing military court-martial for refusing orders to deploy to Afghanistan after questioning Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility to be president.

A group of retired military officers organized as the Veterans Council and the United States Patriot Union in Sheridan, Wyo., issued a white paper calling on Lakin’s legal defense team to change strategy.

This is not actually news.  This has been out and circulating for a while now.  So now there are TWO groups advocating a change in strategy:  those who know something about military law, and those who are supporters of LTC Lakin and know nothing about military law.

The Veterans Council and the United States Patriot Union offered to reinforce Lakin’s defense with one legal expert in the Uniform Code of Military Justice and another expert criminal defense lawyer.

But Margaret Hemenway, a spokeswoman for the American Patriot Foundation, the D.C. non-profit group organized to pay for the Lakin defense, explained to WND why Lakin’s defense was rejecting the offer.

“LTC Lakin is a medical officer, not a JAG or a constitutional scholar,” she said.

“He is a modest and humble man who simply seeks affirmation, per his positive duty, to affirm the legality of his lawyers,” she continued, stressing that Lakin is “staying the course.”

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8 responses to “LTC Lakin sitrep 8”

  1. I get the feeling Margaret Hemenway told the “USPU” “Hands off OUR cash cow!!”.

    USPU, of course, is upset that Lakin hasn’t gone full-tilt de Vattelist by now.

  2. SueDB says:

    Sounds like Marge is uncomfortable splitting the PayPal proceeds with such Johnny Come Latelys. I hear rent is going up.

  3. Greg says:

    The “legality of his lawyers”? Doesn’t she mean the “legality of his orders“? Apparently, she can’t even remember what Lakin’s case is supposed to be about.

  4. Trevor says:

    Anyone heard back from the motion hearing?

  5. BigGuy says:

    Fist report I’ve seen of the hearing —


    “The military judge responded by determining that the orders (Specifications 1-3 of Charge II) given LTC Lakin were lawful. She continued by taking judicial notice of an Army regulation regarding orders and ruling that the witnesses who were the subject of the government motion in limine were precluded from testifying as experts, although they could end up testifying in sentencing if the case proceeds that far. Furthermore, the military judge granted the prosecution motions to prevent the defense from raising irrelevant issues regarding President Obama’s eligibility to serve as the commander-in-chief and LTC Lakin’s motivation for disobeying the deployment orders during the findings phase of the trial. Again, the motivation might become relevant in sentencing.

    Hearing this, the civilian defense counsel remarked that this gutted the defense case, and he had to put on some sort of defense. Apparently, LTC Lakin is chomping at the bit to testify in his own defense, so that might be the sum total of the defense case after today’s rulings.

    The court-martial is set to resume at Ft. Meade on November 4. Stay tuned for more on this saga. ”

    Isn’t November 4 later than originally scheduled?

  6. This is a quote from Attorney Jensen to WUSA TV:

    “And President Richard Nixon said he wasn’t a crook, and President Clinton said he didn’t have sex with that woman,” says Jensen. “The point is, we are in a court of law, let him come in and be subject to cross examination with the original documentation. What do they have to hide?”

    It would appear that Jensen is under the mistaken impression that the President and not his client is on trial.

  7. Viking says:

    So, let’s see a copy of LTC Lakin’s complained of OER?
    So, let’s see a copy of LTC Lakin’s motion for discovery?
    So, let’s see a copy of LTC Lakin’s writ to ACCA?
    What do they have to hide?

  8. SueDB says:

    Viking 09.29.10 at 05:33

    So, let’s see a copy of LTC Lakin’s complained of OER?
    So, let’s see a copy of LTC Lakin’s motion for discovery?
    So, let’s see a copy of LTC Lakin’s writ to ACCA?
    What do they have to hide?

    The future Mr. Lakin and Mr. Jensen have been hiding the info and ducking the questions ever since the launch of this million $$$ exercise in stupidity.

    I can’t wait until the future Mr. Lakin takes the stand. It will be a real “blockbuster”. He can’t wait to go to Kansas. I hope he is sent via train, so that he gets to see this great country he has defiled before his vacation.

    All I see is a deer carcass hanging from the rafters gutted, bled, and ready to wrap.

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