LTC Lakin sitrep

This is the 12th day that APF (safeguardourconstitution), LTC Lakin’s support site, has failed to post the military judge’s findings and conclusions, and advertises as “Breaking News,”  “Judge to Rules (sic) . . ..”

The Post & Email reports today, submitted by Maj. Gen. Vallely:

The current Lakin defense strategy is limited to an ongoing search for a missing birth certificate that is of no real consequence, and they have been denied discovery access to any of Obama records, as well as anyone who has had access to those records. There is no defense for Lakin on this basis. . . .

It is our opinion that the existing legal team representing LTC Lakin should be re-energized and reinforced immediately by a more experienced military legal team. We hope to offer the Lakin defense team additional legal talent that we believe will lead to a positive outcome for LTC Lakin, his family and our national security interests. . . . .

In an effort to support and assist the Lakin Team, The Veterans Council of the United States Patriots Union has worked to make available the best possible legal defense team capable of and willing to assist with the Lakin courts-martial defense.

We recognize that defense strategy decisions are ultimately in the hands of LTC Lakin. We hereby call upon the Lakin defense team to alter the defense strategy and to accept the assistance of additional defense counsel, which would lend its leadership to the case on behalf of LTC Lakin, the Armed Forces and the people of the United States of America.

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