LTC Lakin sitrep 12

With LTC Lakin’s change in civilian counsel the question is, who will pay his legal fees.

The APF said this up until the item was removed (mostly) from the web:

American Patriot Foundation’s Legal Defense Fund will pay for all of LTC Lakin’s attorneys fees and costs, and so we urgently need your tax deductible contribution.



This may be the last video from LTC Lakin about his case.  Unless Neal wants to have him do a reclama and public apology.

The dogbite attorney has moved on.  He’s now defending a client in an issue with David Beckham the football player.  “Dave” at provided this link to Mr. Jensen’s new project.

As if he didn’t have enough issues to deal with, David Beckham is getting hit with a countersuit by former call girl Irma Nici.

Nici and her lawyer, Paul Rolf Jensen, issued a carefully worded statement Friday announcing their legal action seeking to have Beckham’s lawsuit tossed.

“The former call girl who was sent to the hospital earlier this week as a result of the hounding she received at the hands of David Beckham and his legal team has struck back,” their statement began.

See, there’s a dog in every fight.

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8 responses to “LTC Lakin sitrep 12”

  1. Viking says:

    You mean like he thought Jensen wasn’t paying attention to his case and so he bailed.

  2. BigGuy says:

    Call me crazy, I can’t help wondering if reading about Jensen’s “other woman” was what pushed LTC Lakin over the edge.

  3. BigGuy says:

    No, what I had in mind was that reading about Jensen representing a call girl in a sex scandal case may have hammered home a point that some had been trying to make for a long time — that his choice of counsel may not have been the most appropriate one for the situation he was in.

  4. SueDB says:

    We’ll find out as the drama continues to unfold. Lakin may get out of this with his hide if he shuts up, listens to his lawyers, and behaves himself.
    You would think that the change of legal team may improve things, but that will depend on LTC Lakin. If he continues to behave birferishly/boorishly, then all the defense can do is try to curtail the damage.

    I have heard nice things about the new team. They are competent and energized for their client. Whether the team can survive LTC Lakin or not is another issue.

  5. SueDB says:

    Oh yes, about the money…where did it go/has it gone. It was “dedicated” to LTC Lakin’s defense – are they going to cut the new guys a check???

    Margie is losing her meal ticket. OOOPS….

  6. Rob A says:

    I cannot imagine that this Puckett & Faraj would agree to rep him without assurances from him of good behavior. I of course am only speculating of course.

  7. Rob A says:

    I used “of course” twice in the last sentence. I am now on the level with the birfers.

  8. SueDB says:

    Not yet Rob at least you can walk and chew gum at the same time.

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