Finally, a media outlet noticed a possible way out of death for Major Hasan, and avoidance of his potential for martyrdom

The Christian Science Monitor reports and makes this observation:

But emerging evidence that Hasan may have terrorist connections could alter the prosecutorial strategy, as his story would hold invaluable information for investigators. One way to get that information would be to offer Hasan a deal – such as revoking the death penalty if he’ll fill in the gaps in the investigation.

If there is validity to the potential terror information will both sides recognize it, recognize its value, and will those in power accept the likely criticism of the crowd for doing a deal?  In order for a plea agreement the charges would have to be referred non-capital at court-martial.  A person facing a death penalty on referred court-martial charges cannot plead guilty.

The Senate Homeland Security Committee planned hearings could make life very difficult for the military prosecutors.

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