DD214 numbers

A sophisticated employer knows how to interpret the numbers and language in the DD214.  The codes are easily findable on the internet.  This creates an issue with coding for early separation due to draw-down measures.  So the following came over the transom.


The DD Form 214, which is issued to all servicemembers upon discharge from military service, includes the discharge status (honorable, other than honorable, etc.) as well as a Separation Program Designator code and narrative reason for the separation, such as Force Shaping (Board Selected), Reduction in Force, Insufficient Retainability (Economic Reasons), or Early Retirement.

While the military Services are relying on both voluntary and involuntary separation to meet their reduced force structure requirements
and maintain a balanced force, there is concern that the narrative codes could make a permanent, negative mark on  the records of dedicated servicemembers who served honorably. The Under Secretary of  Defense (Personnel and Readiness) is directed to revise the regulation regarding the use of narrative codes on the DD 214 to address  these concerns.

This came to me without references.  But it is something to inquire and think about.  Perhaps those already with DD214’s could ask for correction board action.

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