Heads up on soliciting donations-recruiters-instructors beware

On 28 January 2015, DoD issued an instruction (DODI 1304.33) protecting against inappropriate relationships during recruiting and entry level training.

Paragraph 1.a.(1)(k) of Enclosure (3) of this instruction expressly prohibits recruiters and trainers providing entry level training from soliciting donations from a recruit or trainee.

Apparently there have been questions concerning the impact of this instruction on various fund drives such as the NMCRS Active Duty Fund Drive (ADFD), and the Combined Federal Campaign.

Apparently guidance is coming out to clarify, that “the sole impact of the instruction on the ADFD or other authorized fundraising is that, even if soliciting donations is otherwise permitted, any such solicitation directed to a recruit or trainee must come from someone other than the recruiter or trainer directly responsible for providing the entry-level training. Therefore others in the command who aren’t in such a position may still fundraise where permitted (see, JER 3-210 and 3-211).”

I have used the word “apparently” because I have not seen any guidance.  What I am alerting you to is that if there is a question raised or a complaint made, check with the command ethics advisor.

h/t WSA.

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