Davila update

KOMO News reports that:

An Army Specialist accused of killing two fellow soldiers and taking their baby has changed her plea to guilty.

Spc. Ivette Davila entered guilty pleas to two counts of premeditated murder and one count of kidnapping during a military court hearing Monday morning.
It was not immediately clear whether the change was the result of a plea agreement with prosecutors. Officials said earlier this year that Davila could face the death penalty if convicted at a general court-martial.

The death penalty is off the table.  You can’t plead guilty to a death penalty case in the military.

Seattle Times has this piece:

Spec. Ivette G. Davila, of Bakersfield, Calif., entered the plea Monday morning at the start of her court martial for the fatal shootings of Staff Sgt. Timothy Miller, 27, and Sgt. Randi Miller, 25, in the couple’s Parkland home. Army prosecutors have agreed to not seek the death penalty against Davila in exchange for her pleas to two counts of premeditated murder, and one count each of kidnapping and obstruction of justice.

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