Court-Martial of the Apache Kid

His true name remains unknown; he was called Kid by the military personnel at San Carlos Reservation in the southern Arizona Territory where he served with the US Army as an Indian scout intermittently from 1882-87. He became known as Apache Kid only after he was court-martialed on charges of desertion and mutiny following a skirmish at the reservation when he and four other scouts attempted to turn themselves in after being absent without leave for five days. It is McKannas thesis that Kid was caught between cultural loyalty to his Apache heritage and the flux of ever-changing military and civilian laws.

From a review of Clare V. McKanna, Jr., Court-Martial of Apache Kid, Renegade of Renegades, Texas Tech University (2009).

Review by:  Edmunds, Robin Farrell. "Court-Martial of Apache Kid, Renegade of Renegades.(Book review)." ForeWord. ForeWord. 2009. HighBeam Research. 4 Aug. 2009 <>.

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