Sex and the Academy

The following is the breakdown of sexual assaults involving midshipmen reported at the Naval Academy from 2001 to 2006, according to an analysis of documents:

49 cases of mids accused of sexual assault.

11 cases were dropped when alleged victims declined to participate in an investigation, leaving 38 cases to be investigated.

Of those 38, nine cases were referred to civilian trial or court martial. All of those ended with a male mid being dismissed, three following conviction and the other six separated before trial. Five of the cases involved allegations of rape, while four involved a claim of indecent touching.

28 of 38 cases were not referred for court-martial. Three went to pretrial hearing (one mid was separated). In three other cases, alleged victims declined to help prosecute, and in one case the alleged victim recanted. In one case, the alleged victim could not identify her abuser.

20 remaining cases were handled through the Administrative Conduct System, with at least 12 cases resulting in a male midshipman being dismissed. One case was referred for additional criminal prosecution, but the mid was presumed to be dismissed.

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