Collateral consequences of being Titled

As many of you know, when CID/NCIS/OSI/CGIS starts an investigation into you they make a record.  The subject line is your name plus other information.  This is what is know as being “Titled.”

That information is submitted to NCIC as the equivalent of an arrest – even though you were not arrested, told you were arrested, or placed in custody.  The Titling, plus the taking of fingerprints and photographs gets you into the database, and you aren’t getting out for 40 years.

Here is a 2000 DoDIG report.

Here for comparison is Army Regulation 195-2, check Chapter 4.

Occasionally we have clients who have been able to correct the record or have it removed, but it is difficult and infrequent.

So among the various collateral consequences of being titled is banishment from the Global Entry Program.  If you are frequent traveler out of the country and want to expedite your return via Global Entry – think again if you have been titled in a military law enforcement investigation.

See here for the notice you might get: GOES Account Revocation 150221

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