by cherry-picking which facts to air, a producer can energize an ignorant populism fueled by illusory knowledge.

When I read that, I thought of “The Invisible War.”

Friend and forensic psychologist Reneau Kennedy sent an interesting piece across the transom today.  She forwarded a piece by Karen Franklin:

In the Dark” shines brilliant light on bungled Jacob Wetterling case

Twenty-seven years ago, a perfect storm struck a small town in central Minnesota, when a stranger jumped out of the shadows and snatched an 11-year-old boy out bicycle-riding with friends. . . .

But 27 years later, with an estimated 850,000 Americans on public sex offender databases, Patty Wetterling is no longer enamored of the opportunistic missing-child movement and its crass media stars, who used her to promote their own agendas. In an interview with award-winning investigative reporterMadeleine Baran, she said she regrets her role in creating a public registry that is counterproductive, in shaming and ostracizing individuals rather than helping them reintegrate into society.

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