DoD 2016 Military Investigation and Justice Experience Survey

Good friend Gene Fidell has drawn attention to a news release about the new report.  In particular he notes that 23% of those surveyed last year would not recommend making a report.  The 2015 survey report is Enclosure 3.

Interestingly, last year nearly a number of respondents were dissatisfied with the various services available to a complaining witness.

Specifically, 80% of respondents were satisfied with overall services provided by the SVC/VLC during the military justice process, 74% of respondents were satisfied with the services provided by the UVA/VA, and 68% of respondents were satisfied with the services provided by the SARC. Across these individuals, less than 20% were actively dissatisfied with the services provided by the UVA/VA (19% dissatisfied) or SARC (17% dissatisfied). Few respondents were dissatisfied with the SVC/VLC program, which was the highest rated resource across all respondents (only 7% actively dissatisfied).

I wonder if the issue of alleged retaliation is the cause for those not recommending reporting an allegation of sexual assault.

38% of respondents indicated experiencing perceived professional reprisal, ostracism, and/or maltreatment. Specifically, 22% of respondents perceived professional reprisal while 31% perceived ostracism/maltreatment. For the latter group, 31% of those who perceived ostracism/maltreatment indicated at least some of the behaviors they experienced involved social media (e.g., Facebook, Kik, Twitter, Yik Yak).


Results from the 2016 MIJES will be available in spring 2017 with the SAPRO Annual Report. Eligible respondents have until Dec. 6 to complete the survey.



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