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WorldNetDaily reports that LTC Lakin will be confessing on G. Gordon Liddy’s TV show tomorrow.

The officer refusing Army orders until Barack Obama documents his eligibility to be president and commander in chief is hitting the airwaves tomorrow to answer questions about his challenge to the president.

Lt. Col. Terry Lakin is scheduled to be on the G. Gordon Liddy show tomorrow from 10-11 a.m. EDT.

Oooops, even his own family appears to be dissing’ him according to this report from The Greeley Tribune.

His Greeley relatives are putting distance between themselves and his birther campaign.

Lakin’s father Frank told the Greeley Tribune Friday that his son’s video wasn’t representative of the family. “This does not reflect the opinions or the attitude of the family by any means,” he said. “We’re Obama supporters.”

You may remember the serious of stories about lawyer Orly Taitz, and you may remember that she was sanctioned for her actions in the case of an Army captain seeking to stop her deployment.  Well . . .

The Orange County Register reports that: 

Orly Taitz has been dealt another legal loss in her battle to prove President Barack Obama is not qualified to be president, as a federal appeals court in Atlanta has upheld a judge’s $20,000 sanction of Taitz.

A lot of our court-martial cases have alcohol as a factor.  So, while a little off topic, I thought this curiosity might be of interest.

A woman had a blood-alcohol level of .708 percent, possibly a state record, when she was found earlier this month behind the wheel of a stolen vehicle parked on Interstate 90.

A state chemist recalled a sample that tested .53, but nothing higher, in his more than 30 years on the job.

A former commander in the Tennessee State Guard has lost an appeal to overturn his conviction for trying to provide his soldiers with homemade machine guns for possible use in defending the state.

At trial and in his appeal, Mr. Hamblen argued that he and his soldiers had a Second Amendment right as members of the state militia to possess military-grade weapons.

He said Tennessee’s state guard arsenal included only 21 M-16 rifles for 3,500 volunteer soldiers.

State Department investigators say Chief Engineman (SW) Arturo Puente at Jacksonville’s Mayport Naval Station has used a false name for the last 22 years while working at U.S. embassies in Rome and Panama, according to the Florida Times-Union newspaper.

Navy Times reports.  No indications of a court-martial or any UCMJ violations.

You’ll recollect a while ago I posted about  USAF Demands Italy Lay Off Colonel in CIA Milan Caper

Here is an update from the Washington Post.  Apparently the Italians didn’t put much stock in the U.S. arguments.  The lieutenant colonel along with 22 others has been convicted.

An Italian court on Wednesday convicted 22 CIA operatives and a U.S. Air Force colonel of orchestrating the kidnapping of a Muslim cleric in Milan in 2003 and flying him to Egypt, where he said he was later tortured.

If you are following the military officer involvement in the “birther” challenges to President Obama, you will be aware of the status of the litigation.  But what about this:

Army recommends ‘birther’ for promotion

Army ‘birther’ Major Stefan F. Cook gets a job at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Here, if you are not yet bored by the whole subject is the “Attorney’s Notice of Appeal of Sanctions and Related Orders,” for her $20K ding.

She includes as argument

[C]ounsel appeals all aspects of this Court’s Order in Document #28, wherein the Court proved its pervasively extreme and outrageous (extrajudicial) prejudice and bias against the undersigned counsel[.]

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