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The DoD Joint Service Committee on Military Justice has some new “publications” on its website.  But more importantly, there are a number of proposed changes not yet on their site (but which are available on CAAFLog).

At the 2015 Innocence Summit, the nation’s leading prosecutors, researchers, defense attorneys, citizen activists, exonerees, and others will come together to debate how the Innocence Movement can overcome old obstacles and achieve new successes.

Theme: Forging Best Practices for Innocence Reform

Why: Because our criminal justice system needs to apply evidence-based best practices in order to stop wrongful convictions and restore the presumption of innocence

It’s never too early to plan for interesting upcoming events.  So, you ought to set-aside 12-13 June 2015, especially if you will be in the Arlington, VA area on those days.

The Center for Prosecutorial Integrity will have its Second Innocence Summit.

Proceedings will take place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Washington National Airport, 1480 Crystal City Drive, Arlington, VA 22202.

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