BREAKING NEWS — I don’t want to go, Obama the President can’t make me – OK.

Dianna Cotter, Breaking: Major has orders revoked, by questioning Obama’s legitimacy,, 14 July 2009.

This story has been slipping under the Main Stream Media Radar for some time now.

U.S. Army Major Stefan Frederick Cook Filed a restraining order asking for legitimate confirmation that his Commander in Chief was legitimately in Office, giving him his orders to Deploy to Afghanistan with his unit.

Today in a stunning development, the Military rescinded those orders.

This has set a precedent heretofore unknown. The entire US Military can now not only question it’s orders, a requirement of their duty when they believe that an order is given illegitimately, but can expect that their orders will also be rescinded should they question the legitimacy of the CIC who is the ultimate Authority in Command. In other words, Obama.

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