Bahrain hazing case.

I posted a while back about an ongoing issue with the dog-handling unit in Bahrain.

Here’s an update from NPR Youth Radio.

Since then, a Navy officer familiar with the case has told NPR that the report recommended courts-martial for both Toussaint and another noncommissioned officer from the unit. The recommendation for courts-martial was never followed. Instead, the case was closed, and Toussaint received a "non-punitive letter of caution" — the military’s equivalent of a slap on the wrist.

What’s more, Toussaint has been promoted to the rank of senior chief petty officer.

. . . Youth Radio learned that yet another review of the investigation has been ordered, this time by the chief of naval operations, the Navy’s highest-ranking officer and member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The deadline for that report is Oct. 6.

No public word on the report yet.

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