Article 32 – Questioning Justice.

This is a piece on a soon to be released documentary on the “Pendleton 8.”  The blogosphere and twitter have been all-a-twitter. The documentary is intended to be a look on the Hamdania prosecutions, plus.  The plus appears to be:

The film is called Article 32, its title referring to the part of the U.S. Uniform Code of Military Justice that deals with preliminary hearings. It’s about the stress and strain of combat, the morally brutalizing environment of Iraq and the gaps between established rules of engagement and the will to survive.

Sikorski and Stewart feel that these eight men were made political scapegoats. Article 32 is meant to provide a full-scope view of what troops are being ordered to do in Iraq. They say their film sheds new light on both the events that happened that night in Hamdania, and the subsequent murder investigation.

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