Up periscope

The Colorado Springs Gazette reports:

A major at Air Force Space Command is set to be court-martialed in May on charges of rape and assault.

Maj. Jared R. Borden is charged with raping a woman last summer at his home in Colorado Springs, according to the 21st Space Wing at Peterson Air Force Base. A second charge accuses Burdin of assaulting a woman in September.

The report incorrectly states that death is a potential punishment in this case.  The military has followed the Supreme Court case of Coker v. Georgia on the issue of capital punishment for rape not involving the death of the victim.  I suspect a look at the charge sheet would show no capital referral. 

WAVY reports:

dod-Navy Intelligence Specialist 2nd Class Bryan Minkyu Martin_20110303182921_JPGThe Navy said Monday that Commander, Navy Region Mid-Atlantic has referred charges against Navy Intelligence Specialist 2nd Class Bryan Minkyu Martin to a general court-martial. . . . Martin is charged with four specifications of violating Article 106a, attempted espionage, and 11 specifications under Article 134, mishandling classified information.