New Navy judges

Thanks to CAAFLog for a list of potential new Department of the Navy MJ’s.

Maj Troy H. Campbell, USMC, CDR Robert J. Crow, JAGC, USN, CAPT Terry C. Ganzel, JAGC, USNR, CDR George Glenn Gerding, JAGC, USNR, CDR John S. Han, JAGC, USNR, CDR Donald C. King, JAGC, USN,  CDR Brian C. Lansing, JAGC, USNR, LCDR M. J. Luken, JAGC, USN, CDR Monte G. Miller, JAGC, USNR, LCDR Robert P. Monahan Jr., JAGC, USN, CDR W. A. Record, JAGC, USN, CDR Aaron C. Rugh, JAGC, USN.

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