Worth the read

A couple of items have come across the transom today which are worth the read to military practitioners.

James E. Baker, Is Military Justice Sentencing on the March? Should it be? And if so, Where should it Head? Court-Martial Sentencing Process, Practice, and Issues, Fed. Sentencing Rep. Dec. 2014, at 72-87.  This items comes from the current Chief Judge, the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces.  His term of office will expire shortly, but the name of a new judge is not yet published.  By tradition, the next senior judge will fleet up to become the chief judge.


Col Robert F. Holland, USA, JA (Ret), Unique Procedural Aspects of Court-Martial Sentencing by Jury (sic), 27 Fed. Sentencing Rep., No. 2, Dec. 2014.

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