I was over that the Navy Discharge Review Board the other day.  Their workload has increased significantly with the bad economy.  They were up from 1400 to 2700 petitioners in 2009 over the prior year.  It’s the economy, and it’s stupid to waive an administrative separation board if you are being processed for an OTH, unless of course it is a conditional waiver for a general discharge.

A frequent paragraph in DRB denials goes something along these lines:

‘The Board finds that you waived your right to appear before an administrative discharge board.  This waiver of your rights at the time is viewed as a matter in aggravation against you in deciding your request for an upgrade.’

Why is it important to try and stay.

Army Times reports:

All three Army components exceeded their recruiting goals for January, the Defense Department has announced.

Those of us on the civilian side have also seen an increase in numbers of people asking for help to upgrade discharges, including general discharges and honorable discharges with RE4’s.

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