Johanson victim of which hunt? reports that:  The mother of [Kiel M. Johanson] a Coast Guard chief who is being kicked out of the service over a hazing incident says her son is the victim of a "witch hunt" and is going to appeal his court martial.  I believe the older Navy terms included “pink belly” and “greasing.”  I seem to remember from defending such cases back in the 80’s.

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  1. Gary Felicetti says:

    Mr. Cave – News story is a bit misleading since the members (jury) imposed “no punishment” on BMC Johanson. As you know, sex offender registration is a state law requirement that may be triggered by the nature of one of the charges he was convicted of – even though no punishment was imposed by the court-martial.

    Also, evidence was presented in court that members of the VENTUROUS chain of command were generally aware of, and may have at least condoned, the hazing. The instructions specifically permitted the members to consider this evidence on all the applicable charges such as violation of the anti-hazing general order. BMC Johanson was found not guilty of these charges/specifications.