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Military.com reports:

A Navy intelligence specialist stationed at Fort Bragg is in custody after an investigation revealed he allegedly sold top secret documents to an undercover FBI agent posing as a foreign intelligence officer.

Apparently there were two meetings at which approximately four documents were handed over in exchange for a total of $3,000.00.

Politics.co.uk reports:

US military personnel have been disciplined over the death of Linda Norgrove, the British aid worker accidentally killed by US forces in Afghanistan.

Navy Times reports:

When Senior Chief Master-at-Arms (SW) Kevin Curtis reported as the carrier George H.W. Bush’s top cop in September 2008, he wowed the sailors who would serve under him.

Within a few months, that initial impression of a super squared-away senior enlisted leader changed dramatically, the sailor Curtis appointed as his leading petty officer for investigations told a military pre-trial hearing here Friday.

Here’s something to consider:

When he [the CMC] subsequently asked sailors who’d served under Curtis why they didn’t come to him, “They said, ‘`We all thought you were in on it’ ” and that [he] would only back Curtis up.

“I didn’t have confidence in anyone in the chain of command to properly report it,” Edmonds said, adding that he and his fellow sailors saw Curtis as the executive officer’s right-hand man. “It wouldn’t have been taken seriously.”

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