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Navy Times reports:

The Navy says it’s unlikely to charge the parent who ran over and killed a 2-year-old at Norfolk Naval Station.

But NCIS is still investigating.

FindLaw Blotter reports:

Walking down the drink aisle of the supermarket can be a daunting experience as the number of options seem to increase every day. One drink you won’t see on the shelf …. Purple Drank (no, that is not a typo) also known as Sizzurp, among other names.

Sizzurp, which is actually a form of codeine cough syrup, is all over the news these days. Rapper T.I. was believed to be sipping on the substance when he got pulled over this week, football player JaMarcus Russell was quenching his thirst with the concoction when he was arrested over fourth of July weekend — the drink has about as many celebrity fans as it does names. One problem through, Sizzurp is illegal. The drink is essentially a cough syrup cocktail, and the powerful ingredients contained in codeine are considered a controlled substance.

The relevance here is to the various new “drug” regulations which are being published in response to Spice (street name for Salvia) use within the military.  As you know there are other drinks available in the commissary such as Red Bull, Rockstr, which can mimic the effects of cocaine when drunk in combination with alcohol.

The Sierra Vista Herald reports:

A Signal Corps soldier faces up to 60 years in prison now that he has been convicted of four drug-related charges.

The Sierra Vista Herald reports:

A soldier was ordered to prison for seven years for his actions involving possession and distribution of marijuana.

Army Times reports:

Army Col. Lawrence Sellin was fired two days after his sarcastic rant was published by the United Press International wire service.

Sellin was fired because he didn’t clear his remarks through public affairs and failed to clear “written or oral presentations to the media” through a designated public affairs officer. Here is what he wrote:

KWTX.com reports that:

A court-martial panel Thursday at Fort Hood found Pfc. Donnie Stevens, Jr., guilty of unpremeditated murder and sentenced him to life in prison for the stabbing death of another soldier in 2009.

Dallas News reports:

A Fort Hood soldier has been sentenced to life in prison over the 2009 fatal stabbing of a fellow soldier during a party at a house.

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