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Huffington Post is reporting on the Toussaint case.

A senior chief who was censured by the Secretary of the Navy for hazing sailors under his command may retire with a full pension, Navy officials say.

Since it was announced last October, the terms of Michael Toussaint’s retirement have come under scrutiny that is unprecedented for an enlisted sailor. The senior chief petty officer, who from 2005 to 2006 led a Bahrain-based canine unit that was plagued by widespread documented abuse, denied much of his alleged misconduct in February during a retirement board hearing, a proceeding normally reserved for commissioned officers.

The case will soon go to the desk of an assistant secretary of the Navy, who faces a choice: to approve the unanimous recommendation of the three board members who said Toussaint deserves to retire with a senior chief’s pension; or to take a harder line and reduce him to a lower pay grade, as government lawyers had sought to do during the hearing.

And the Virginia Pilot online reports:

A Marine staff sergeant pleaded guilty Tuesday to mistreating 17 male subordinates by touching them in the groin, repeatedly making offensive sexual comments and gestures, and accusing them of being gay. . . . judge sentenced him to a year in confinement, reduction in rank and a bad conduct discharge.

In exchange for McCoy’s guilty plea, the government dropped 24 other charges against him, including 14 counts of sexual misconduct and three counts of assault.

Federal Computer Week has this post about Facebook.

The National Guard Bureau is giving guard members specific guidance on how to control their privacy settings on Facebook and what to avoid publishing on social media sites.

And on a different note, Stars & Stripes reports that:

Citing “serious” crime in the area, Yokota’s base commander on Tuesday banned troops, dependents and Defense Department civilians from six bars in the already restricted entertainment district near Yokota’s main gate.

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