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Military.com reports that:

A Davis-Monthan airman is on trial in military court this week over allegations that he ran a fraudulent Russian bride ring, arranging sham marriages for money with members of the military so the foreign women could obtain legal status in the U.S.

The Record-Courier reports on the Davila case:

Family members of murdered soldier Timothy and Randy Miller are preparing for a day of testimony from the defense after a daylong hearing for the prosecution on Monday.

Army Times reports:

Family members of soldiers who are imprisoned at Fort Leavenworth for killings during the Iraq war are planning a rally in Leavenworth.

The relatives call the inmates the Leavenworth 10, although two have been released from the prison.

Scott Behenna, one of the organizers of the Labor Day weekend rally, says the group is not anti-military.

What impact, if any, might this have on Behanna’s continuing requests for clemency?

Marine Corps Times reports this piece of collateral consequences:

Some military veterans are angry that a World War II soldier who died in prison after pleading guilty to killing his wife is scheduled to be buried Tuesday in Denver’s Fort Logan National Cemetery.

Raymond R. Sawyer, a former Marine from Colorado, died Aug. 11 in a Tucson, Ariz., state prison while serving 13 years for second-degree murder.

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