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Dayton Daily News reports:

A base airman has been ordered to face a special court-martial after allegedly leading military police on chase and crashing a vehicle in Fairborn on May 16.

Fox News has a piece on the research misconduct investigation.

The Pentagon is probing allegations that Navy medical personnel tested the use of an over-the-counter dietary supplement on 80 wounded U.S. soldiers to determine its effectiveness for treating mild brain injuries, the Pentagon’s Office of Inspector General confirmed to Fox News.

The inspector general launched its probe in June 2009, one month after receiving a hotline complaint of suspected research misconduct by a U.S. Navy captain and physician who had served with the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq[.]

Earlier post here.

I mentioned moss on Rolling Stone the other day.  Huffington Post has a follow-up in the war of words.

Michael Hastings, the Rolling Stone writer whose reporting compelled the White House to fire Gen. Stanley McChrystal as commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, does not mince words when it comes to allegations that he broke pre-arranged ground rules or agreements to go off the record.

"They were lying," Hastings said, referring to the unnamed sources who leveled the accusations last month as fallout from his story mounted. "What they said to The Washington Post and, I think, to the Army Times is fiction. And they know that."

This will continue to be an issue with his ability to embed, and also the apparent investigation into GEN McChrystal’s staff.  Here was the earlier post on this.

A little more about the moss growing on Rolling Stone from AP.

The U.S. Army inspector general is investigating whether aides to former Afghanistan commander Gen. Stanley McChrystal were insubordinate when they made a series of derogatory comments about top civilian leaders to a Rolling Stone reporter, McClatchy Newspapers has learned.

I also heard on my drive back from Fort Bragg last night that the reporter has had his 101st ABN embed revoked based on a lack of trust and concern he will not follow pre-established ground rules.

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