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Rapid City Journal reports that:

An Ellsworth Air Force Base airman facing a court martial for his involvement in the shooting of a fellow airman last year has pleaded guilty to two of the four charges brought forth by the U.S. Air Force.

Airman Vinicus "Vinnie" Santana pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance (steroids) and reckless endangerment Tuesday morning during his court martial hearing. He still faces charges of conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance and attempted murder charges.

Military.com is reporting on the McDill gate incident:

A man arrested as he tried to enter MacDill Air Force Base with weapons and ammunition in his car is a serviceman listed as being absent without leave, base officials said Tuesday.

Navy Times reports that:

A George Washington sailor who cheated on his third-class petty officer exam — after two chiefs told him to do so — will not face any punishment, a Navy spokeswoman said.

There’s more on the Navy reservist political candidate ethics issue:

Star Tribune.com reports:

Republican Senate candidate Mark Kirk’s newest adversary in the latest controversy over his military service is the Defense Department itself.

Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that:

The Pentagon says Kirk, a commander in the Navy Reserve, improperly got involved in politics two different times while on active duty. Kirk was "counseled" about each violation and was required to sign a statement acknowledging he knew the rules and wouldn’t break them again, according to the Pentagon.

But the Kirk campaign seemed to dispute the Pentagon’s account Tuesday.

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