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Navy Times has a tally of CO and senior enlisted firings for 2010 -  2011 to date.  #2 on the list is CO, RLSO, Japan.

Military.com has more on the firing and NJP of:  A Navy skipper who lost his command this summer was fired in part for making his Sailors work on a Sunday to help him host a family reunion at which he allowed his relatives to drive military vehicles and go for rides on a landing craft, according to a Navy investigation report.

Army Times reports:  The first female commandant of the Army’s school for drill sergeants at Fort Jackson, S.C., has been suspended from her position, according to an Army official.

Salon has a piece on United States v. Manning.

Marcus Fulton at CAAFLog has an interesting piece on United States v. Serianne.

For a year and a half after CAAF affirmed NMCCA in United States v. Serianne, the Navy’s requirement to self-report DUI arrests–and several other similar  self-reporting requirements–remained on the Navy’s regulatory books.  Last week, the Chief of Naval Operations canceled the self-report provision at issue in United States v. Serianne, modified another, and allowed five other provisions potentially implicated bySerianne to remain in place.  At the same time, CNO issued guidance to commanders directing them not to discipline members for past failures to self-report offenses.  Prospectively, commanders may discipline members for failing to comply with the amended self-reporting requirements.  Importantly for practitioners, commanders are further directed not to discipline members for the underlying substantive offenses whether they occurred before or after the changes unless the action is based solely on evidence derived independently of a required self-report.

Here is NAVADMIN 373/11. 

Navy Times reports a destroyer CO relieved early.

Cmdr. Kurt Mondlak had a busy 19 months in command of the destroyer Mahan. So much so, a command investigation found, that some things fell by the wayside — in particular, numerous officer fitness reports, enlisted evaluations and end-of-tour awards.

Juneau Empire has an interesting letter on the recent Article 32, UCMJ, hearing in United States v. Leone, a Coast Guard case.  The writer raises a difficult question of balance between holding someone accountable for errors, while at the same time encouraging them to use their skills, knowledge, and training to accomplish a mission.

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