Up periscope!

Army Times reports:  An investigation into the command climate of 67th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade blasted the former commander as a “bullying leader” whose command triggered at least two congressional inquiries.

Reuters reports:  SSG Bram was sentenced to five years.  It took the members 90 minutes to reach findings and one hour to decide a sentence.  It’s always hard to guess what’s going on in deliberations in terms of “how long will they take,” but this seems pretty quick.

Marine Corps Times is drawing attention to the “Occupy[ers].”

Wearing his full uniform, with a Combat Infantryman Badge on his chest and a 75th Ranger Regiment patch on his right shoulder, he’s already drawing attention in downtown Seattle’s Westlake Park in the heart of the city’s shopping district as other protesters come up to shake his hand and pose for photos with him.

The piece is entitled “Active-duty and IRR troops can face UCMJ for protest role.”

I had posted some time ago, here, and here about the case of Paul Bergrin.  Mr. Bergrin has had a prominent role in defending military personnel.

He went on to become one of the state’s most prominent defense lawyers, representing clients as varied as Abu Ghraib defendants, . . .

ABA Journal reports that:  A federal jury in Newark has deliberated for three days without reaching a verdict in a criminal case that could put the well-known criminal defense attorney behind bars for the rest of his life, report the Record and the Star-Ledger.

A skilled trial attorney, the 55-year-old Bergrin defended himself, with the help of a second-chair lawyer, in an unusual case in which he is accused of orchestrating a witness hit in order to help a client avoid conviction and prevent his own exposure as an alleged cocaine supplier to a Newark drug gang.

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