Up periscope!

Sun Herald reports:  A chief warrant officer who lead Coast Guard Station Gulfport until last year may be ousted from military service after being convicted on an array of charges in court martial proceedings.

Chief Warrant Officer Brandt Martin was removed from the helm at Gulfport in July 2010 while an investigation into his activities was ongoing. At court martial proceedings in New Orleans last week, a military judge convicted Martin of dereliction of duty, making a false official statement, wrongfully disposing of government property, larceny and soliciting another to commit a violation.

CDR Salamander reports on continued fall out with the Velasquez case from Yoko.

Some of you may recall my post from over a year ago criticizing the Navy’s decision to let a serial sexual predator walk, and some of the commenters who seemed to be “in the know” noted that this deal was made by the Convening Authority without the approval or endorsement of the trial counsel. Well, the saga continues, as the Navy has claimed a new victim: The one person who tried to put him behind bars.

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