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KVIA.com reports:    A U.S. Army sergeant accused of the mercy killing of an Iraqi teenager faces court martial at Fort Bliss. Sims is accused of giving a fatal dose of a lethal drug to an Iraqi teenager with third-degree burns to 70 percent of his body at the 10th Combat Support Hospital in 2006 in Iraq.

One witness, Sgt Candi Piper, a fellow nurse and Sims’ former roommate, said she feared for her life because of, “All the euthanasia being performed in Iraq.”

KIVITV reports that: United States v. Holmes begins this week.  PFC Holmes’ Court Martial begins this week at Joint Base Lewis-McChord outside Seattle. The 21year-old Boise soldier stares at life in prison. Through the ordeal, Dana Holmes has always maintainced her son’s innocence.  Several months ago, photos published in a German magazine showed Holmes and his fellow soldiers posing with the bodies of Afghan civilians. “People don’t know because the Army doesn’t want them to know that Andy was ordered by his superior officer to be in that picture,” Dana Holmes said.

Fredericksburg.com reports that:  [T]he court martial for Spc. Nicholas Bailey, the soldier accused in the stabbing death of Spc. Morganne McBeth of Fredericksburg, has been postponed indefinitely due to  deployments at the North Carolina Army base. Staff Sgt. Joshua Ford said   he doesn’t know when it will be rescheduled.

“If you can’t help me,” Sgt. John Russell told Army doctors hours before he committed the deadliest act of soldier-on-soldier violence in the Iraq war, “then I will just kill myself.” Instead the mentally unstable Texan killed five fellow U.S. service members in 2009 at Camp Liberty, Iraq, headquarters for Joint Base Lewis-McChord’s 4th Stryker Brigade, then surrendered peacefully
DVIDS reports that:   The Fort Hood U.S. Magistrate Court will host Amnesty October for individuals who have failed to comply with their Fort Hood U.S. Magistrate Court obligations, such as failing to appear at a court hearing (“Summons to Appear”), resulting in the issuance of an arrest warrant.  The court will issue a “Warrant Round-up List” posted on the Web and sent to local newspapers Oct. 3.

Stars & Stripes reports:  The Air Force has added to a list of off-limits establishments allegedly engaged in the unlawful sale of controlled substances near Yokota Air Base.

An The Onion like report would be the soon to be announced placing of Crate & Barrel and Bed, Bath & Beyond off limits because they sell bath salts.

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