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fayobserver.com reports:  A sailor who officials say was caught trying to sell government secrets while attending training on Fort Bragg is set to go on trial later this week.  Apparently he waived his 32, a PTA in the offing?

Marine Corps Times has a short piece on “sexting:”  It’s called “sexting,” the practice of exchanging sexually explicit photos with another person or sending racy text messages via cell phone. Mirroring a trend in society at large, there is evidence that lots of Marines are doing it, though the Corps does not keep data on the social phenomenon nor is it directly addressed in the UCMJ.

Reuters reports: That Holmes, one of the Stryker Brigade accused’s will get a re-opened Article 32, UCMJ, hearing.  It’s about the photo’s.

Holmes’ lawyers complained then that he was denied a fair hearing because military prosecutors had declined to produce in open court sealed photos the defense said would exonerate him.

But a military judge has now ruled that Conway may introduce those photos in court himself, present expert testimony about what they show and cross-examine military investigators and other witnesses about the pictures.

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