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The fayobserver.com reports:  The top enlisted Special Forces soldier has been removed from his position while commanders investigate allegations that he had an extramarital relationship.  In addition to the adultery, the military investigation:

The military investigation, Pruitt asserts in the court documents, is focused on determining whether Vigil broke a military law that prohibits unbecoming conduct and whether he shared classified information with her.

In doing some browsing I came across a copy of the Article 32, UCMJ, IO report in United States v. Wuterich at this link.  There’s also a link to various reports on the Haditha “cases.”

In January KFOX14 reported the arrest and investigation of Airman Wilhelm from Holloman AFB.   Alamogordo Daily News is now reporting that an Article 32, UCMJ, investigation is pending.  Couple of interesting nits in the reporting:

required to bring someone to trial in 120 days if they’re confined or from peripheral of charges.  (sic)

Korsak said. "Wilhelm is charged with what is called peripheral of charges. Charges were peripherad.  (sic)

go to a court marshal or a trial. 

General Court Marshal Convening Authority  (sic)

Johnson v. Clay, in the U.S. District Ct. for ED CA,  was odd.  I thought it interesting that the issue was the voir dire and challenge of a juror who had been a Member in at least two courts-martial.  Comes up in the context of a Batson challenge.

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